Life as a Writer

My first novel, TRUTH AND OTHER LIES, is done and I’m in the process of deciding how to launch it into the world, whether that be through traditional, small press, or hybrid publishing.

TRUTH tells a story of cyber intrigue and the Internet’s reach into the deepest part of our lives. Investigative reporter Megan Barnes is furious over a series of tweets accusing her mentor, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, of plagiarism and puts her skills to use to clear her mentor’s reputation. Her cyber-investigation leads her to the Internet troll, but the showdown doesn’t go as planned. Now she’s faced with an impossible choice: if she writes the truth, a long-buried secret about her own mother, a current candidate for Congress, will also come to light. Is she willing to sabotage the careers of both the women she loves to hold fast to her journalistic integrity?

I’m excited to have this novel selected as a finalist in the Rising Star Award for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association.  It also placed as a finalist in the Wisconsin Romance Writer’s competition in the Women’s Fiction category in 2018.

My second novel, GIRL MOST WANTED, a psychological suspense, is in the outline stage

My first short story, The Devil You Know, was published in the anthology False Faces in 2018.

I’m a proud writing workshop and conference junkie, having absorbed in-person nuggets of wisdom from gurus Donald Maass, Robert Dugoni, Steven James, Margie Lawson, Lisa Cron, Jennie Nash, Ann Garvin, Kathryn Craft, and Sandra Schofield. Every one of them has taught me valuable lessons, not only about my craft, but also about how to survive in the crazy world of writing.


Fab Five Finalist Wisconsin


False Faces Book Cover


3rd place Rising Star Women's Fiction Writers Association