An ambitious district attorney.

An enemy she can't see.

A daughter at risk.

About Maggie

Influenced by her former careers as a psychologist and a business owner, author Maggie Smith pens compelling stories of ordinary women who face extraordinary challenges with grit, brainpower, and strong doses of empathy and humor. She hosts the podcast Hear Us Roar and is managing editor of The Write City Magazine.

About Blind Spot

From the author of the award-winning Truth and Other Lies comes a gripping suspense novel about an ambitious prosecutor on the hunt for her sadistic stalker, only to be framed for murder when he turns up dead. Fans of Scott Turow’s Presumed Innocent will embrace this taut tale of long-simmering revenge right up to its surprising and twisty climax.


Everybody's Got A Secret


Maggie hosts a bi-monthly podcast where she interviews debut women’s fiction authors about their first novel, their path to publication, and their writing process on behalf of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA).

Books I Love

Lily King never disappoints. Her last book, Euphoria, topped all the best seller lists. And her newest one is every bit as good in an entirely different way. When was the last time you came to the end of a book and found tears forming at the corners of your eyes and was tempted to start reading it all over again?

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Maggie regularly writes about the frustrations as well as the joy of being a full-time writer.

From Subtle Unease to Heart-Pounding Thrills: The Use of Tension in Fiction

For my second novel, Blindspot, I ventured into a new genre, that of psychological suspense. It’s the type of book I gravitate to as a reader and I’m a long-term fan of anything in the mystery realm (I devoured the entire Agatha Christie oeuvre when I was sixteen) How hard could it be? Insert hubris…

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