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“I wrote the truth, every ugly bit of it. But it wasn’t an easy decision for me. Once this was published, a woman’s reputation would be shattered.”

That’s how my debut novel TRUTH & OTHER LIES (March 2021, FVP Press) begins. It’s the story of Megan Barnes, a young Chicago-based reporter, who is torn between two role models—her mother Helen with whom she has a contentious relationship, and Jocelyn Jones, a world-famous journalist, winner of the Pulitzer, who becomes her mentor.

I explore various issues through the narrative, including the proliferation of fake news, the intrusive reach of the internet into our personal lives, and the generational conflict between boomers and millenials. But at its heart, the novel revolves around how, at a formative age, young women often pattern themselves after someone older and seemingly wiser and how that choice can affect the trajectory of their lives.

And I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit this theme resonated with me because of my own experiences.

I had a prickly relationship with my mother. We were strangers to each other, shouting across the great expanse of changing women’s roles. No way would I be like her, a housewife in middle America. As far as I could see, all my mother did was cook and clean the house.  Which was not the life I had planned for myself. Which I made sure to tell her every chance I got. And she, a product of the Depression and a world war, thought my dreams of a career in journalism were cock-eyed and unattainable. In many ways the scenes between Megan and her mother were easy to write because I’d lived them.

I never had a role model like my famous journalist, Jocelyn Jones. And I never mended my relationship with my mother, who died a decade ago.  So in some ways this novel is an attempt to come to terms with both those facts.

To write a story where my 25-year-old self is able to achieve what I could not. To give my story a satisfying ending.

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