Book Reviews

I love the excitement of discovering a hidden jewel among the hundreds of books that are published each year. These books are ones I can’t stop thinking about.  It might be because of a unique character like Mia in Little Fires Everywhere. Or a plot twist that made me literally gasp like I Let You Go. Sometimes it’s from a favorite author who continually surprises me like Lily King. Or a book that moves me even have several readings like We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves.

And you’ll notice many of these are debuts, which hold a special place in my heart, because I know how hard it is to break through when you’re an unknown. A first novel is often a story the author has worked on for years and shows us themes they likely continue to examine in their future writing. (Ann Patchett has famously said she always writes the same story—a group of strangers are flung together by a catastrophe of some sort and must learn to trust each other to survive.)

Regardless of the reason, these are my favorites. I’d love you to contact me with yours.