Book Clubs

Know what’s great about the internet?

With the wonder of technology I can beam myself right into your book club gathering to discuss my novel Truth & Other Lies.

The Between The Lines Book Club – special ladies all. I’m in the middle in red

Here’s information you may find helpful:

  • Meetings can be held via SKYPE or ZOOM (or if you’re in greater Chicagoland or southern Wisconsin, in person!)
  • If I’m attending in real life, members can bring copies of the book for signing; otherwise, I can mail signed book plates to the chairperson for distribution.
  • It usually works best for me to log in 30 minutes after everyone else has arrived so you get a chance to catch up, get a drink, and have an initial chat about the book.
  • I’ll talk for 5-10 minutes about my inspiration for the book- how it started out and how it evolved into the story it is today.
  • Then we can open up the discussion to the group and have people share their ideas about the story. This is also a time you can ask me questions about pretty much anything—my writing process, the world of publishing, book covers, blogging, the writing community, women’s fiction, and what it’s like to start a new career after age fifty.
  • After that, I’ll sign off (or leave as the case may be) so your members can relax, snack, and chat.

My own book club has invited authors to our meetings several times during the years.  It’s always proved to be such fun and added a lot to our enjoyment of the read. And selfishly, as a new writer, I LOVE meeting my readers and getting their honest feedback about my book. So it’s a win-win all the way around.

If you are interested in having me as a guest at your book club, please fill out the information below and I’ll get back in touch with all kinds of special bonus goodies, including two cocktail recipes, one for Truth and one for Lies, and my personal choices for casting the movie!

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